Fall Destinations Shared by Tommy Middaugh

Fall has a number of great perks for travelers. It is a season that brags beautiful weather, great prices on top vacation activities, and popular destinations are far less crowded during the fall season. Travelers are encouraged by Tommy Middaugh to take advantage of the best that this season has to offer by visiting some great destinations. If you are looking for the perfect destination to tickle your fancy, here are some great recommendations.

Top October Destinations from Tommy Middaugh of Travel To Go from Tommy Middaugh on Vimeo.

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Amazing Clothing Items to Bring When You Head For a Tropical Destination Revealed By Tommy Middaugh

Tommy Middaugh offers tips on items to pack for tropical destinations

Be sure to bring the right items for your tropical destination.

Millions of people will set off on vacations that will take them to exotic locations. These will usually have a lot of tropical heat, and beautiful sandy beaches. If you’re going to venture out to the many coasts across the world, you will want to take into account a few ideas that will help you gain leverage with your packing. Packing today can be a science, if you take time to really think about it. The following clothing tips on items to bring from Tommy Middaugh will help you get things packed and ready for a hot destination.

  1. Casual Clothing: Since you’ll be visiting a far off destination that is most likely going to be humid and temperate, you’ll want to make sure that you have casual clothing that is not too stuffy. You want to have freedom to go out at night, and traverse the day time spots as well. You don’t want to pack a suit, for instance, unless you’re going to be headed somewhere formal. Consider what your plans are and where you will be visiting, and focus on clothing that will help you walk around, and engage in the local flavors in comfort.
  2. Swimsuits : Men and women alike should think about this option. Think about whether or not you’ll be hitting the beach or a pool. Will you be getting some sun by laying out a lot, or are you going to be diving? Considering what you will want to do should allow you some flexibility in this regards. When in doubt, you could always buy a swimsuit at the destination that you’re visiting, However, Tommy Middaugh Reminds you that buying items like swimsuits in tourist shops may end up costing you more so maybe pack one just in case.  
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Tommy Middaugh Shares Top Summer Travel Sanity Tips

Tommy Middaugh knows that planning travel during the busy summer season is common. The truth is, most families pick times when kids are out of school and that also offer warm weather to plan their vacation. Even though crowded airports, packing problems or noisy children are things that hope to be avoided, there are some tips to help make it easier. Here are some of the top ways to stay sane and stress-free during your summer travel.

  1. Plan Enough Time: Airline tickets often used to be booked by professionals, but now many people out there do it themselves online. One of the most common things they look for is the price, and are satisfied when they are saving money. But there are other things that are vital to remember, including time. Think carefully about the arrival and departure times, and if dealing with a connecting flight leave at least an hour or two in between to avoid running through the crowded airport to catch the plane.
  2. Unique Packing Tip: Try bringing clothes that aren’t a favorite item that you can leave behind after your trip. Tommy Middaugh shares this is a great way to clean out your closet and give some items to the less fortunate. Plus, this also leaves more room for new purchases as well.
  3. For long flights with a toddler, a preemptive baby apology is a great way to please others on the plane. Some mom and dad’s leave little notes along with candy to help assuage the situation.
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Tommy Middaugh Discusses Health Tips for Travelers

Tommy Middaugh knows how important it is to stay healthy on vacation so that you can enjoy the trip that you have been planning for months. Here are some tips to help you stay fit and well while you are on the go.

  • Keep your hands clean: It is easy for them to spread in an enclosed space like a plane and tours and other attractions where people are in close proximity to each other also allow germs to spread. For this reason, it is important to keep your hands clean and protect yourself from spreading germs. Tommy Middaugh thinks that antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer is a must have while you are out so that you can kill germs no matter where you may be.
  • Be up to date on your shots: This one is especially important if you are heading abroad. Make sure that you have all your necessary shots up to date and if you are going to a destination that recommends additional vaccines, consider taking them before you go.
  • Get some rest: Tommy Middaugh knows that it may seem like staying up late and getting up early is the best way to experience all that your destination has to offer, and that the best way to get over exhaustion is loading up on caffeine but this can all do more damage than good. Make sure that you get enough rest so you aren’t dragging during your trip. If you find yourself tiring midday, take a brief and feel relaxed and rejuvenated when you get back to your activities.
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Tommy Middaugh Discusses the Importance of Setting Goals

Tommy Middaugh highlights that at Travel To Go, we work hard to improve our customer service and overall performance on a daily basis, and we always bounce some ideas around on how to achieve that. That’s why we decided to focus on goal setting during our latest company employee meeting. However, we didn’t want our employees to pick goals just for the sake of it, and not be able to measure the results.

So we made sure all established goals follow the S.M.A.R.T. criteria (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) since this system has proved to work well in the business world for many years now. Tommy Middaugh asked our employees to come up with three relevant business goals, as well as three personal goals, and define the specific ways they would use to achieve their goals and measure them.

For example, let’s say that an employee’s business goal is to improve Travel To Go’s phone customer service. She could do that by aiming at returning every phone call within 30 minutes of the time the travel club member left a message. An easy way to measure this goal would be to keep a log of each return call for each message. Of course, to attain this goal our phone customer service representative would need a timer at her desk or on her computer to make sure she returns the call within 30 minutes.

Tommy Middaugh knows that another way our agents could improve overall phone customer service would be to go through a short list of questions at the end of every call to make sure that all the member’s needs have been answered and satisfied. Completing such checklist would help reduce follow-up calls for unresolved questions or concerns.


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Tommy Middaugh Recommends a Visit to Maui

The second largest island in the Hawaiian Islands, Maui is an adventure playground with numerous activities and tours to enjoy. Tommy Middaugh wants to highlight that you can experience ziplines, the longest being 3600 feet, an extreme downhill bike tour, from an elevation of 10,000 feet, view the depths in the Atlantis submarine or take a cruise ship around the islands. Another way to marvel at the fantastic scenery is a helicopter tour, offering flights to Hana/Haleakala, Maui/Molokai or a complete island tour.

Snorkel in the tropical blue ocean of Molokini, where the area is a sanctuary for marine and bird life. Or swim with dolphins as part of the Lanai Explorer tour, where you can also land in Manele Bay Harbor, to experience the many isolated beaches and tide pools. Soar above the waves with West Maui Parasailing or UFO Parasailing, launching from beach.

Tommy Middaugh recommends that you watch traditional Maui luau’s in various venues throughout the islands dependent on the area you are staying. Choices include The Westin Wailele Polynesian Luau and Hyatt Laua – Drums of the Pacific.

Visit the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, where you can view shows regarding the event and tour the Naval sites of USS Missouri Battleship, the Pacific Aviation Museum and USS Bowfin Submarine. Another great trip is the Maui Pineapple tour, where you will experience extra-sweet pineapples and learn about the history of the plantation through facts, trivia and informative guides.

With several working ranches and riding stables around Maui, you can explore on horseback a cattle ranches and the beautiful scenery. And trails beside the ocean will give you a chance to watch whales off shore or you can take a trip on several boats, which take you out to the whales and enjoy a vacation thanks to these tips from Tommy Middaugh.

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Tommy Middaugh Some Basic Tips for Travel to Mexico

If anyone is planning a trip to Mexico they may be worried about things like whether the water is safe to drink or what they need to do to stay safe. These things may be important, but Tommy Middaugh offers some very basic tips that will help anyone that is planning to travel to Mexico have a very good trip.

  • Do some research – Mexico is more about spending time on the beach. Check into some of the other great sites and try to figure out what you want to see during your stay. Of course, don’t plan every minute, make sure that you have some flexibility in your schedule.
  • Do be aware – The key thing to staying safe when traveling to Mexico or anywhere is to be aware of your surroundings. When something does not feel right, getaway from the situation.
  • Wear sunscreen – Nothing will ruin a vacation faster than a bad sunburn and this came happen in a hurry on the Mexican beaches.
  • Take a siesta – This is one idea that the Mexicans definitely have right. A short nap in the middle of the day can revitalize your body and allow you to do even more things.
  • Learn some basic phrases – many tourists get a bad reputation because they think that the people in Mexico should speak their language. It is much more polite to learn a few basic phrases that you can use during your stay.
  • Enjoy the culture – Tommy Middaugh reminds you that things may be done differently in Mexico than you are used to. That is okay. It is better to step back and enjoy the differences than to try to change the way things are done.
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Tommy Middaugh Admires The Scenic Beauty Of The Olympic Sculpture Park Of Seattle

Tommy Middaugh invites tourists to visit Seattle’s iconic attractions and a few hidden gems by walking, hiking and enjoying kayaking tours of Seattle. Tourists can go on sightseeing tours of Seattle uncovering its back streets and fascinating attractions of the area. Enjoy mountain vistas, urban landscapes and picturesque waterways on a cycle.

Tommy Middaugh finds that Seattle’s music tours are quite remarkable as tourist can jump in the music scene of Seattle and listen and watch Busker, at its Pike Place Market, dine in its restaurants and clubs made famous by its great musicians and discover Seattle’s impact on music.

Tommy Middaugh recommends the high-end adventurers to walk, bike and paddle through Seattle to discover its hidden treasures. Tourists who walk around Seattle gain a unique perspective especially through a guided walking tour in the company of professional guides. This way they get to experience the wonder and resilience of nature in and around its dense urban environment. Moreover, people love to look beyond its skyline, pasts its postcard views to discover the wild heart of its Emerald city pulsating at a high speed.

Tommy Middaugh knows that many tourists admire Seattle’s natural beauty as it is their main motivation in enjoying a holiday there. The walking tourists have the opportunity to spot the North Pacific birds along the way and love the expert interpretations of its local history, culture and natural ecosystems through well-versed guides.

Tommy Middaugh says that you can even enjoy Seattle’s cycling tour, which begins from its Olympic Sculpture Park. Starting your cycling tours from this park gives you the chance to experience a variety of sculptures in an outdoor setting, while enjoying its incredible view and beauty of Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains. Families traveling with kids can blend an education and at Seattle Aquarium and its Olympic Sculpture Park, as they are great locations to educate your kids, stretch your legs and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

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Tommy Middaugh Highlights The Fun And Adventure Of A Jamaican Getaway

Tommy Middaugh recommends the high-end adventurers to enjoy an exciting holiday in Jamaica, the mountainous island of captivating beauty in the Caribbean. It instantly evokes scenes of tropical tranquility, where holidaymaker’s sun tan on its sandy beaches and the lively crowds dance to its traditional beats. The Jamaican island offers bustling adventure excursions that promise to sprinkle a little tropical flavor into your adventure holiday.

Tommy Middaugh advises tourists to enjoy an air conditioned bus ride from Montego Bay to enjoy Jamaica’s scenic countryside over mountains, valleys and lush tropical foliage. This tour gives you the chance to become familiar with its various landmarks and helps you enjoy the rich cultural diversity of its people. You can hike or trek along the wilderness of Jamaica watching birds and the varied wildlife species that are native to the area.

Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go members say that tourists will not to get the chance to enjoy the real Jamaican experience until and unless they taste its traditional flavors and enjoy its natural wonders. Tourists should relax and enjoy a scenic trip to Jamaica’s south coast and experiences the wild natural architecture of beautiful Jamaica.

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Tommy Middaugh Loves to Go Snorkeling Near Florida’s Treasure Island

Tommy Middaugh recommends tourists to enjoy a holiday in Florida as it has a wealth of attractions and offers a variety of exciting activities for people of all age groups. Most of its exciting activities can be enjoyed in the central part of Florida, offering family friendly fun while there are also many opportunities for solo travelers too, as they can shop or playing sports from sun up to sun down. The diversity and the variety of Florida is what really lures the tourist to enjoy a holiday there.

Tommy Middaugh knows that when traveling to a beach destination like Florida the beach is always more prominent in your life. Treasure Island of Florida has everything that a snorkeler would want as you only need a mask to enjoy the wonderful experience. Within a few feet of the shores, schools of beautiful and colorful fish can be seen swimming by.

Tommy Middaugh knows that the mouth of the Tampa Bay is the most spectacular site to enjoy a snorkeling experience in Treasure Island. As the point where its warm waters encounter the cool Tampa Bay, it creates a unique environment for the marine animals. This is the spot where tourists can come face to face with multiple species of dolphins and crustaceans and spend time in the waters munching on the vegetation growing in its bottom. Snorkeling with these playful mammals is an exhilarating experience that is quite hard to describe.

Tommy Middaugh says that tourists who book snorkeling tours can also enjoy Shell Searching and Dolphin watching experiences as most tour operators include these recreational activities to lure more tourists. The best thing about enjoying guided snorkeling tours is that you don’t even need to bring your own equipment as you can rent it from the different shops around the beach that rent out quality snorkeling gear.

Tommy Middaugh knows that snorkeling is a key part of many vacations especially in the islands near Florida. The waters around Florida’s coastline features abundance of ocean life with many accessible spots to enjoy a unique snorkeling experience. Moreover, with very little equipment and training Florida is surely the best place to enjoy a snorkeling experience.

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